New Pens and Shows and…

My wife Elizabeth and I drove east to Atlanta last weekend for the show and had such a great time.  We met and hung out with new friends and old and had so many laughs.  If you’ve never been to a pen show before don’t delay.  It’s such a great experience.

Brad Dowdy of The Pen Addict was there and did a live podcast.  Ana of The Well Appointed Desk joined him and Myke Hurly at the mic.  Here’s the podcast we all heard live.  Anna has several links reporting on the show and I encourage you to go through and read all of them.

2016-04-15 15.37.05

Elizabeth brought her pen wraps and sleeves to the show and didn’t bring many back home after.  We had such a great time and plan to come back next year.  Thanks so much for all of your support!

Now I’d like to introduce two new models.  I had these on display at the show and the reception to them was incredible.  My good buddy Jonathan Brooks took one of them home for some interesting urushi finishing.  I can’t wait to see how that turns out.

First up is the Temple.  This pen’s name, like most of my models, is inspired by historical places here in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Maxine’s is a bar and venue today, but has a pretty colorful history.  Maxine Temple Jones was the owner of it for many years, running it as a hotel, and according to many of the locals, as a brothel.

The Temple has 8 facets and can post.  No clip on this but would look great with an urushi finish.  Starts at $425.

2016-04-20 09.36.50
2016-04-20 09.37.23

The next pen I want to introduce is the Vapor.  This little pen gets its name from The Vapors night club here in Hot Springs.  It hasn’t been a night club in decades, most recently a church called The Tower of Strength, but the history is still there and quite interesting.

The Vapor has 8 facets but is seamless when closed.  Cannot be posted.  No clip on this but would look great with an urushi finish.  Starts at $425.

2016-04-13 13.28.25
2016-04-13 13.28.53

If you have any questions or want to make an order please send an email.


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  1. It was lovely finally meeting you!

    Treat my geckos well…

    Sent from my huge new 27″ Illudium Q-42 Explosive Space Modulator, hand-built by former Keebler elves.

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