New pens (and scholarship date changes again)

Hi Everybody!

I just finished another small group of pens using the last of the resins I picked up at DC.  Two from Turnt Pen Co (Tim Crowe) and four from Alex of Motor City Pens.


And I have not forgotten about the scholarship auctions.  I’ve received some amazing pens this month (thank you all so much!) and I’ll start posting those again hopefully tomorrow.

But the change I need to make is to the deadline.  If I had moved the cutoff back to January, LAST year, that would be fine.  But FAFSA doesn’t open until December, which they started THIS year.  So I’m going to move our deadline back to the beginning of April of 2024, and leave it there unless FAFSA changes their schedule later on.

So if you want to apply for our scholarships, or know a young person who should, send them our way!  🙂


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