Metal Lathe is up and going!

That’s right! I got the metal lathe going! And it’s freaking awesome!

No idea what I’m talking about? Then read this great page all about metal lathes (view article here) so you can understand why I’m so excited.


I have ONE little boring bar that a buddy gave me to play with – the same guy who loaned me his engine hoist to get the lathe up on the stand. He’s got a 50 year old metal lathe in his shop that he uses to turn stuff round. Cool guy, has a million ideas for cool lathe projects too, so talking to him is always fun.

Speaking of, here are my first two pens done up on the new lathe. The sections were done on the wood lathe, b/c the metal lathe was still on the floor at the time. :) I need more tooling to be able to make a section the way I’ll want, I’m sure.

These are both student pens, by the way.




And the other one…
http://newtonpens.wo…com/blue-crush/ carlee-2.jpg?w=1200&h=



This is so much fun! I did both barrels and caps in just a couple of hours tonight. :D

4 thoughts on “Metal Lathe is up and going!”

    1. Probably not, but I do plan on making a couple of videos like I did with my wood lathe. 🙂

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