Keeping things lined up

If you have a Shinobi and you find the nib isn’t lining up with the proper side of the barrel anymore, it could be caused by a couple of things:

  1. Over tightening the section into the barrel, or over tightening the cap to the barrel.
  2. Taking the nib unit out every time you clean it and eventually wearing out the threads inside the section.

I try to compensate for thread wear by working the nib unit into the section several times, and I do the same with the section into the barrel, before finishing the pen.  Doing this helps to eliminate misalignment later on, but I never know how much torque people may apply to their pens when putting them back together.

To avoid misalignment be sure not to over tighten the section into the barrel, and do not unscrew your nib unit for cleaning.  It really isn’t necessary, and with pens where alignment is important to the look of the pen, could eventually cause misalignment.

2016-03-10 14.14.42.jpg

If you do have misalignment issues, what I will do is to make a ring from a complimentary or matching material such as black hard rubber or sterling silver as a spacer, so that when the section is screwed back in to the barrel everything lines up nicely.  This ring isn’t glued in so it’s up to you to keep up with it during refills and cleaning.


2016-03-10 14.03.43


2016-03-10 14.02.54

If you need a ring made up let me know and we’ll get your pen sorted out.

The same thing can happen when screwing the cap onto the barrel.  Be sure not to over tighten the parts together.


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