Good news, bad news, and a give away and coupon.

(give away and coupon info below)
Well, good news and bad news.

First the good – I have a new cap ring I plan to start putting on some of my pens, and it’s available as an option on custom orders (I think it looks so cool!).

And for the bad – I built a new computer last night (mostly for Blender, the old Dell I had would crash and lock up a lot while modelling) and it’s great! BUT… when backing up everything, my entire email database got corrupted, so most of the last 10 years (almost 23 gb) is gone. I have some of 2020 and 2021, but all the way back to 2012 is gone. I’m still working on it, and hopefully will get things back up, but it’s not looking good. 🙁

So, to make myself feel better, let’s do a GIVE AWAY! And a 50% off coupon. 2 things. It’s Wednesday after all.

Tell us about some bad news you’ve had recently – lost/corrupted computer files, broke down car, misplaced keys, or phone dropped in the toilet. I’ll pick a couple winners in a couple of days. 🙂

Please email to [email protected] with questions.

8 thoughts on “Good news, bad news, and a give away and coupon.”

  1. Bad News:
    For a special holiday present, a couple of months ago we bought tickets for December for Kinky Boots off-Broadway for a day in NYC with my two grown children.
    Just learned the play is now closing November 20.

  2. Fountain pen day this year reinvigorated my enthusiasm in the hobby, so I thought I would clean some of my pens that I had left ignored for a few months. Cleaning out the ink in one of my pens in the sink, I slipped and accidentally dropped the nib and section in the sink. Bent one of the tines out of alignment… Luckily it didn’t fall in, I’ve had the misfortune years ago of having a nib go into the plumbing. Taught me to plug the sink when I’m cleaning.

      1. I have that now, thankfully! When I dropped the nib in, I had to go down under the sink and fetch it out of the U shaped pipe… it was fine luckily!

  3. What could be worse than not getting emails from Newton Pens?

    Oh, yeah: missing the 20% off sale because you’re not getting emails from Newton Pens!

    My only consolation is that you probably didn’t have a small Bamboo Eastman in yellow-green Nikko ebonite in stock ! (Don’t tell me if you did…)

    If you wouldn’t mind, please add me back to the distribution list.

  4. Bad news submission:

    Hello. The bad news I have experienced recently began in October 2018, I began having severe GI issues. From 2018. -2021, I had numerous blood and diagnostic tests, along with having multiple specialist appointments receiving no answers. In late January 26, 2021 I turned gray and began talking gibberish. It was determined I had severe necrotizing fasciitis and sent to a Hot Springs hospital for immediate surgery. This was the only hospital with a critical care bed from Memphis to Fort Smith. After my first surgery was complete the surgeon walked out of the OR to tell my husband to family to prepare to say goodbye. Well the good news of this story is after over 20 surgeries and 7-8 months in the hospital, I am still alive. I cannot walk, I have a G-tube feeding tube, I continue to have a huge wound where the damaged tissue and the lower portion of my spine was removed. I am just grateful to be alive. So that is ve my bad news.

    Your pens are absolutely beautiful.

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