Buffalo Horn

So a customer asked me a few months ago if I would be willing to work with buffalo horn for a pen he wanted.  I had never worked with it – and instead of just buying some and playing around with it – I asked around and did some reading – and everything I found said it cracked horribly after being turned.  Maybe not for a few days, but usually, and more often then not, it would crack.

Then I read about a pen on fountainpennetwork, made by Hakase Pen Company in Japan, from water buffalo horn.  Beautiful!  So instead of asking others who have WORKED with it, I started asking folks who own pens made from it.  So far, even after years, no cracks, but that’s with fairly thick barrel and cap walls and with an ebonite section.  Sounds good.  So I ordered some and it came in today.  I had to go play with it.

After shopping around on the internet with my wife for new bathroom vanities – oh man that was uh, fun 😉 – I broke away and got into the shop for a few minutes.  I made only the barrel, the section is from a different pen, for the photos. It still needs a good buffing, maybe go over the back of the barrel again, but WOW this was great to work with.  It turned almost as nicely as some ebonites I’ve worked with.  I could feel the vein, or grain, whatever you want to call it, so it had a bit of a bump or rough spot, but it still turned really nicely.  It was a bit stiff taking the internal threads, but putting the outside threads on was painless.

I wish the pictures were better – but it’s late and I’m tired.  Check it out.  😉

Oh, and the fuzzy stuff on the threads is tiny bits of paper towel after wiping water off.

4 thoughts on “Buffalo Horn”

  1. Wow Shawn, you got -alls working with this stuff! I bought the Taccia Savanna model and the cap broke within in a week! But they replaced it right away, great folks! I think their problem was metal to plastic, where as yours looks like plastic to plastic……I am interested in one of yours, I think. Can’t wait to hear the price point…..

    1. Thanks! Hopefully I won’t have any problems with this stuff, but if I do I’ll know with this pen before I offer them for sale. Price point will only be about $10 extra to cover the extra materials. There’s quite a bit of curve in it so it may take more material to make the same pen.

      1. I’ve had Shawn’s Buffalo Horn Fountain Pen now for 3 years + and just love it. We experienced one problem with the cap, and Shawn had to make a new cap for it, other than that it’s been smooth sailing. But I gotta say, most of that 3 + years this pens has been sitting in a Display Case like the rest of my pens, ha, ha, ha…..Now that I’ve written this, I guess it’s time to pull her out and start writing with her again. I usually keep about 15 Fountain Pens inked up on a weekly basis! Either the Buffalo Horn will be #16 or #15, we’ll have to see later on today?

  2. I’ve got a fire piston from Rose Mountain that is made of water buffalo horn. It is beautiful material and I can imagine that it would make a great pen. Nice job!

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