I struck a deal with a friend of mine here in town – I’ve got custom boxes! I’m very excited about this. This one is mine – just a rough prototype – but hopefully you’ll get an idea. We’re also going to put a notch in the top of the boxes to use as a desk or display stand. Did I mention that I’m very excited!? 🙂

Okay, so it may seem odd to be excited about a box but hear me out. There’s something really awesome about seeing something you have worked really hard on being completely finished and wrapped up in a bow. Literally! Packaging them in these custom boxes which have been made especially for me is so satisfying. You can contact the company linked here if you want to discuss a custom packaging design for your product.

These will also be available for sale, with a wrap, if you want one for your Newton Pen that you bought a while back, or if you just want one. We’re going to work out prices soon.

And check out these beautiful pen wraps my wife made! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Boxes!”

  1. Hi Shawn,

    Nothing to do with your mailing – I’ve literally just had a disaster with my beautiful bulb filler. 5 minutes ago! I took it apart for a full clean and I noticed what seemed a rough edge on the cap threads on the barrel. A section of the threads – about two threads – has split away from the rest! Can this be repaired/replaced? The trouble, I guess, is that the threaded part, the transparent part and the bulb part are all one piece. I’m desperate – I’m still using it every day…. Any thoughts?


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