Auctions for scholarships. My health. And the future?

Hi Everybody!  Long time no write!

I just put up some new auctions for the scholarship fund raising.

This Sailor, Opus 88, Levenger, and several others are available now.  Bids starting at $1.

I’ve posted on Instagram a bit lately about my health – I had a hiatal hernia that need surgery and I’m recovering right now, so I’ve been a bit slow with uploading pens to ebay or doing any work in the shop at all really.  I’m at about 80% right now, and I’m back in the shop and feeling better for the most part.

Thank you all for the well wishes and get well cards you sent.  I really appreciate it.

As for the future?  Well first I hope I never have to go through all that again, but for the pen business, I’m adding something else to my lineup.

Ballpoints!  I’m naming this one the Preston, after the Preston hotel that was in Hot Springs many many years ago.  It was not the most luxurious by any stretch of the imagination.  Like the Preston ballpoint, it was lower priced.  These start at $90 and go up based on materials.

You can buy them here.

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Ballpoints! I'm just gonna call this the Newton Baller. ? Okay maybe not. So surgery is tomorrow and instead of resting today I made some ballpoints on the cnc. The red and white one is going to be for a Taskmaster prize pen give away I'm doing for the winners of the #hometasking tasks from this – Red and white resin is from @bobdupras , along with the other and blue (Caribbean seas). The brownish is from @carolinapencompany and the red and black is mutt blanks. Email [email protected]  #newtonpens #ballpointpens  #fpgeeks #penaddict #handmade  #pengeek #pens #penmaking #stationery #钢笔 #鋼筆 #plumafuente  #styloplume #CanetaTinteiro #Füller #stilografica #万年筆 #hotspringsarkansas #spacity #madeinArkansas *

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You can see how big they are here (5″ long)

I’ll eventually work on a larger and longer ballpoint, too, but I’ve got some other work to do first.

Take care and stay safe!



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