Auctions and Pens and things to do

Good morning world!

It’s been a really great month for fundraising.  You all have helped  raise about $1,482 and some change through the pen auctions and your purchases of notebooks and postcards, and generous donations.  There’s more coming in as people pay for the pens they won in the auctions.  So far we have $13,467 in the bank!

Speaking of the auction – I’m not really happy with how the software is working.  Winners are getting dozens and dozens of notifications telling them they won.  There’s no option to turn this off that I can see.  I’m going to look for different auction software, but if I can’t find anything we’ll try something else.  Keep your eyes open over the next couple of days when I make that decision with a load of new auctions going up.

Every month to say thanks for all the support we give away a credit towards any custom pen (or pen in our inventory), and this month, out of 37 entries, number 5 won.  Congrats Chad V!  I’ll send you an email soon.

I also want to try to make ordering notebooks and postcards simpler as well – so I’m going to work on that too when I have time.

Alright, I need to get back to work.  Those pens don’t make themselves.  🙂

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