And one has a name.

So recently I set out to name some of my more popular, and most often requested, styles of pens, to try to make it easier for people to order from me.  It could also act as a starting point – “I want this pen, but with these mods.”

After a lot of thought and reading about Isaac Newton and all of his work, and the scientific work and research of many many others, and not really coming up with any good ideas, it was suggested on my facebook page that I name the pens after the scholarship recipients.  …Brilliant!  So that’s what I decided to do.  This is all for the kids after all, so what better way to name the pens, than after the kids.

After giving out two scholarships May 20 at graduation, speaking in front of a couple thousand people, my hands shaking so badly they looked blurry to me (thank goodness the podium hid that), I got a name from one of the two students.  I had told him to pick out one of the pens and to name it.  It could be his first or last name, a nickname, whatever…

Here I present to you –

The Gibby.

Alabaster and Amber Tortoise
Alabaster and Amber Tortoise



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