Always more work…

Sometimes when making your pens I goof up a bit.  And by a bit I mean that I have to start ALL THE WAY OVER.  😀  It makes for good practice, even if it’s sometimes quite frustrating.  Here are a few examples of my goofs recently.

First, a group shot.  The yellow one in the middle is probably the 5th or 6th pen I ever made a year and a half ago.  I’ve come a long way.  🙂  I use it now for inking and testing my #6 nibs.


The black ebonite barrel in the back?  What could be wrong with that?  How bout this…


While cutting the threads something went awry (I fixed it for the next barrel I made) and the thread cutting tool GOUGED into the barrel hard.  In hindsight I should have just trimmed the barrel back a bit and extended the threads farther up the barrel, but it was late and I was tired, so I cut the barrel off and started over.  🙂  It’s okay, the new one is better.

But what about the blue pen?  Check it out….


Yeah, super goof.  I drilled the barrel out, threaded and shaped the barrel, and cut it away from the rest of the blank.  The problem?  I cut too close to the hole, and when shaping, I noticed how incredibly thin the end of the barrel was.  So I took a drill bit and shoved it through all the way, breaking the end away as you see in the picture above.  The end was so thin I could push it in with my thumb nail.  Now it serves as the tester pen for my #5 nibs.  🙂


And a picture of the replacement barrel, after some shaping.    IMG_6056

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