About My Nibs


L-R: Bock #6 polished, #8 titanium. Jowo #6 black, polished, two tone, #8 gold.

black bock

Bock #6 black.

*Not available in stub tip

Bock Titanium #6 $50
Bock Gold #6 $105
Jowo Gold #6 $115
Bock Titanium #8 $100 (medium or larger only)
Bock Gold #8 $175 (medium or larger only)
Jowo Gold #8 $200 (medium or larger only)

With custom ordered pens I always use Jowo with my logo unless requested otherwise.  On pens that I make for stock items I normally use Bock.  I like both.  They’re both good nibs.

I write test and tune every nib that I put on a pen so it should write wet and smooth as soon as you get it.  If you prefer your nib a different way please let me know when ordering and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.  If you provide your own nib I don’t do anything to them unless you request it, and additional charges will apply.

All grinds with a custom pen order are $15 only on my own Jowo and Bock nibs.

Extra Fine – Stub – Cursive Italic – Left & Right Oblique (stubbish) – Architect.

If we were at a pen show and you handed me the pen, I did some work to it, handed it back, and it wasn’t just right, you would hand it back until I had it right.  That’s how I work.  When you get the pen back from a grind or tuneup and it’s not just exactly right, please don’t think that we’re finished.  Let me know how it feels and we’ll continue the work from there.  First return gets free shipping, after that I ask that you pay for the return shipping.  Any questions please do ask.

I do not offer flex mods.

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