About My Nibs

I offer Jowo #5, #6, and #8.

I offer Bock #5, #6, and #8, as well as Magna Carta steel #8 which are interchangeable with Bock #8.

Nibs are offered in polished steel finish, gold plate, and a few in black oxide.

I can get Jowo 14k and 18k nibs.

I can get Bock 14k and titanium nibs.

Jowo Line widths on Rhodia 7mm lined paper.

Here are Bock 6, Bock 8, and Jowo 6 nibs side by side.




A Jowo #6 nib, feed, and housing:

below: Pelikan M1000, Jowo 8, Bock 8, Montblanc 149

below: Jowo 6, Magna Carta 8, Bock 6

Jowo 6

Magna Carta 8

Bock 6



Jowo 18k #6 nibs

I write test and tune every nib that I put on a pen so it should write wet and smooth as soon as you get it.  If you prefer your nib a different way please let me know when ordering and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.  If you provide your own nib I don’t do anything to them except make sure they write.  If it needs a tune up or grind, I can recommend others for that work.  Basically, I won’t work on nibs that I can’t replace.

Nib Tuning
If we were at a pen show and you handed me the pen, I did some work to it, handed it back, and it wasn’t just right, you would hand it back until I had it right.  That’s how I work.  When you get your new pen and it’s not just exactly right, please don’t think that we’re finished.  Let me know how it feels and we’ll continue the work from there.  First return gets free shipping back, after that I ask that you pay for the return shipping.  Any questions please do ask.

Ebonite nib units

I’m providing ebonite nib units with all Shinobi, Prospector, and Breaker pens from now on (April 2020), or as long as I’m able to keep buying them.

This allows the nib and feed to be oriented in any position so that the top of the nib lines up with the pen barrel in just the right way.  I do not recommend pulling nib and feed for regular cleaning as this can result in a loose fit, and a drippy or poor writing pen.  I don’t recommend pulling the converter unless it breaks b/c the fit between nib unit nipple and converter is extremely tight.  In fact I have to sand the nipple down a little so a converter will even fit on it.  This is a very thin area and could break if you’re not extremely careful.


Again – I don’t recommend you take these apart unless it’s completely necessary, or the converter fails.

Care and Cleaning.

Nib threads

Nib Grinding

And something most of you will never need to worry about:
Nib Corrosion

A very good video from Montblanc about making nibs in case you want to see the process-