Care and Cleaning

Good pen hygiene will keep your pens writing well and you happy for years and years to come.  Every now and then though, you get something nasty at the pointy end of your pen, or in a bottle of ink.

What to do?
With that contaminated bottle of ink, whether it’s fuzzy mold on the top, or a glob of jelly deep inside, it’s easiest to just toss it.  It’s not worth getting your pens sick.  Ink is relatively cheap, especially compared to your fine writing instruments.

When you have fuzz on the nib?  Oh buddy.  Things are serious now.

You can use a mild ammonia/water mix to clean parts with.  With mold, a flush won’t be enough, so taking your pen apart for a good deep cleaning is best.  If you don’t know how to take your pen apart, get help.

Here’s discussion on using hydrogen peroxide and bleach.

Here’s a moldy Pelikan.  Two runs through the ultra sonic cleaner with ammonia water, and a good scrubbing with 409 inside the barrel and cap parts, and we should be good to go.

moldy nib and feed


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