Nib Grinding

First you’ll want to memorize this –
When I first started learning nib grinding, I was looking through youtube for any hint of what the ‘right’ tools are to use.  If you know what you’re doing you can do a great grind with some sandpaper, maybe a wetstone, and some micromesh.
Mostly I use a grinding wheel and a medium grit polishing wheel on rotary tools.
Now – before you ever grind a nib – tune it first.  That way it writes properly before you start removing material.  If you do it the other way round, grind then tune, you might be causing yourself problems.
Grinding on a wheel – the top of the wheel should always turn away from you.  Use the top of the wheel to do the grinding or smoothing.
My foredom has a ‘diamond’ wheel on it, but anything that will grind and leave a smooth finish works fine.  This was a gift at a pen show – I don’t know where to buy one.
If you use a coarse polishing wheel, move the nib side to side a lot so you don’t create grooves in the wheel.
It’ll take some practice to get a square grind – not crooked or tilted – but it’s not too hard to figure out.
Practice on cheap pens.  And use good ink.  Always grind and tune with the pens inked up.
This is my medium/smooth polishing wheel to knock off rough edges.  Move the nib a lot so you don’t
create grooves.  Grooves make it difficult to get a good finish on the nib.
I use this mostly when just smoothing/tuning regular nibs, and for cleaning up ground nibs.
And this is the micromesh I use – it’s cloth backed rather than that foamy shit.
I don’t use the micromesh cloth very much – but when I do it’s 6,000 or 8,000 grit.