2014 Scholarship – November

Here’s the next pen up.


I can’t believe I didn’t mention before – if you win the and this pen doesn’t strike your fancy, you can have a custom made up just for you.  😉

It’s a slim 45 Series Elizabethan with a #6 nib.  These pens are JUUUUST big enough for the #6 nib.  🙂  Looks good too.

The white ends are made from a creamy alternate ivory acrylic and the barrel material is some of Bob’s Alumilite.  I started turning this one yesterday morning just to see how it would turn out and I have to say I’m blown away.  So It’s going to be a pen.

The nib choice is totally up to the winner.  You can choose steel, any tip size, any grind, or 14k or 18k gold, any tip size, any grind.  The winner will have the option of taking the gold nib with the cost coming out of the  winnings, paying for the gold nib, or taking a steel nib.

So if all that sounds good then you can buy as many as you want payable through paypal to newtonpensscholarships@gmail.com.  Be sure not to send payment to my other email address.

If you have any questions at all please contact me at [email protected], or ask here in the comments section.  Please be sure to send payment to the correct paypal address or it may get lost.

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