The Como is live! (Medium size only for now)

The Como is live!  Check it out now!

Production Run – Como Pocket Pen (

Barrel end is threaded for secure cap posting.

Open-4 9/16″ from tip of nib to end of barrel.

Posted-6 1/2″.

Closed-4 3/4″.

Here it is with a converter so you can get a better idea of how short it is.  🙂
These pens can take a mini converter (I think) and come with short carts, blue or black ink.

If you have any questions, please email me.


One thought on “The Como is live! (Medium size only for now)”

  1. I love the Como Pocket pens! I bought 2 at the DC Pen Show they have quickly become favorite everyday carry. The size is great for fitting in my shirt pocket. When I screw on the cap it becomes a large pen. I used cartridge ink at first but have now switched to eye dropper fill for both of them and they work well. Beautiful pens, well designed. I highly recommend these pens.

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