Scholarships and Pen Shows

Hi Everybody!

Thanks so much to everybody who participated in the April pen auctions.  I forgot to post a reminder for last minute bidding during the last couple of days but it was still a great month.  I’ve already posted 10 new items in the auctions page –

Every month, for about 5 or 6 years now, we’ve raffled off a pen as a way of saying thank you to everybody who has supported the scholarship fund through donations, and this month the winner of a $225 pen credit is Mickey L!  Congrats Mickey!

We’re heading off to the Chicago Pen Show tomorrow, too.  Going to be a busy weekend I hope.  We’ll bring notebooks and postcards with us to sell, too.  Every penny towards the scholarship fund is another student helped!  🙂

Want a chance to win a pen?  All you have to do is buy a set of postcards or a notebook (getting low on supplies, too) and we’ll give you a number.  Don’t want to buy in?  You can enter for free by sending a postcard (and I love getting your postcards!) to

PO BOX  6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

Send me an email with any questions you might have –



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