Scholarship update

Hi Everybody!  It’s time to give a pen away!  Every month we give a pen away as a thank you to people for donating to the scholarship fund and this month, we had 27 entries, raising $135, and using to pick a winner, #1 got picked!  Congrats to Seth E!

Seth, I’ll send you an email to get the ball rolling.  You get a $225 credit, free grind, and free shipping.

Thank you all so much for supporting the scholarship fund!  You’re all helping to make a difference in the lives of some high school students going to college.

Speaking of, it’s time you kids should start filling out our scholarship application.  If you’re a senior, or you know any seniors, please tell them to come by and apply.

Learn how to apply for a scholarship, or support the fund here.

Last month was really great for the pen auctions, too.  We raised $563 on pen auctions alone!  Thank you all so much for participating and for the donated items.  If you have any pens or stationery items you’d like to donate to the fund please send me an email – – right now we don’t have anything to bid on but I can get those items up as soon as I have something in hand.



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