2018 Arkansas Pen Show

We had a great time at the pen show this year.  We raised some money for the scholarship fund, sold a few pens, met some great people, and brought our boys for their very first show!  Holden and Corbin got got a couple notebooks, Holden got a custom nib ground from Jim at the Franklin Christoph table, and they each will probably get a Metropolitan from Vanness this week in the colors that weren’t at the show.  🙂  I got to meet a few pen makers, too.  Troy Breeding and Jim Hinze.  Both really great guys with some pretty cool work.

The show grew from last year so we had to move into a second room where I was at.

Dromgoole’s was there with some incredible urushi pens.  There were LOTS of great vintage pens.  I picked up a sweet first year Doric with an adjustable flex nib for under a hundred.  That nib is SWEET.  Elizabeth picked up a really great corn cob pen from Troy Breeding.  On the way home Saturday night she mentioned it a few times and was determined to get it first thing Sunday morning.  I got there first, asked him to put it aside, and reminded her that she better get to it before somebody else does.  She went and asked, he said he was sorry but somebody else got there first.  She cheered up when I handed it to her.

Pics are mostly from Sunday when I had time to walk around.  It was a really good show.  Lots of foot traffic.  Lots of fun hanging out at the Vanness Open House Friday night, and Pen Show After Dark on Saturday.  I’ll be back to work tomorrow and will put up my inventory on the website soon.  I’ll get on to commissions this week and next, and get back to making inventory for the Chicago show coming up the first week of May.


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  1. Great meeting you on the final day; wasn’t aware there was a second room. Was my third show but haven’t attended in a few years. Would like to meet and eventually pick up a custom fountain from you guys. Also mentioned that I’d like to get you (as a MFG) and two others to speak at our monthly ScienceCafe club (80-100 usually) in LR and talk about history of writing to current trends. I’ll put you in contact with our clubs director, Linda Williams @ UAMS. ScienceCafe is a great, 10-yr club meeting monthly on a wide variety of subjects.

    Will take a look at your inventory.

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