October pen give away! Art contest! Scholarship fund update.

Hello all of you pen users and pen lovers and collectors and everything else!

It’s been another successful month raising money for the scholarship fund this October with 58 entries.  Wowza thanks!

So like every other month for the last 5 or so years (wow!) we picked a winner using random.org to pick the number – from 58 entries, #6 got picked.  Congrats to Tim F!  Thanks to everybody who participated.  We raised $1357 through paypal and $4357 from cash donations like the Fountain Pen Day and Krusac Pens contributions for the Newton Pens Scholarship Endowment fund we’ve started.  Thanks so much to everybody who’s supporting this program.  I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to all of you for all the support you’ve shown over the years.  From $2,000 in the first year to $6,000 this last year in awarded scholarships, we’ve given away $26,000 in all.

We’re starting to run low on notebooks and postcards.  Once those are sold out we have some more great images to make new postcards with.  We’re going to do another contest for a notebook cover (just 1 this time) and something new, a t-shirt art contest.

Using https://cottonbureau.com/ we’re going to make and sell t-shirts with all profits raised going towards the Scholarship and Endowment fund.  Please go ahead and start submitting your art ideas to me at shawn@newtonpens.com and in a couple of weeks I’ll take votes from everybody on their favorite design.  The winner will get made into a t-shirt!  Fountain pen themed art would be cool but not necessary, and include “Newton Pens Scholarships” in there, even if it’s hidden in the artwork.

If you have any questions send me an email – shawn@newtonpens.com



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