Happy New Year! Scholarship update and pen winner.

Happy New Year everybody!

2016 was an insane year for us and I hope that 2017 keeps us on our toes in the same way.  Thank you all SO much for your business and support.

Newton Pens Scholarship Update: Another month has come and gone and you’ve all been so amazing with your contributions.  Thank you so much!  In December we raised $943 through postcard and notebook sales, and offline donations.  Thank you so much!

At the end of each month I randomly select somebody who has participated either through purchasing items, donating, or by sending a note in the mail, to win a $225 credit.  With this credit you get a free nib grind (if you want one) and free shipping.  This month I picked #17 with random.org and #17, Francesco C. won.  Congrats!

If you want a chance to win a pen credit, all you have to do is buy some postcards, notebooks, send a donation, or just write us a letter.  It’s that easy.  Newton Pens Scholarships is an official 501c3 organization so your donations are tax deductible if you choose to donate without purchase.  If you have any questions about that just write.

To buy postcards click here.
To buy notebooks click here.
To donate click here.
To enter for free you only need to send in a postcard or letter, with your name, email address, and a statement that you are entering the free raffle, to:
Newton Pens Scholarships
PO Box 6084
Hot Springs, AR. 71902

Handwriting MUST BE LEGIBLE.  I can’t contact you if I can’t read your writing.

That’s also the address to use if you want to send a donation via check or money order.

Thanks!  And I hope you all have a great year!

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