Tools and Tips

Here are some of the tools I use around the shop.

1 – cylinder polishing wheels-  medium and fine grit from Rio Grande – for polishing nib tips– don’t get the extra hard versions.

2- hair brush wheel for cleaning threads in a dremel (slowish speeds) – don’t get the short hair versions, they’re way harder

3- fine pliers – no teeth – with blue painters tape on one side – for gripping and bending twisting nibs without marking

4- various bits of hard wire bent with weird curves, and round or pointy bits ground onto the ends for poking stuff or hand chasing threads inside a cap or barrel.  Great for cleaning bits of old dirt out of threads.

5- Straight Flute Screw Extractor – for removing stuck housings

6- little wrench – I couldn’t find my TWSBI wrench for the photo – but those work on lots of different piston units.