The Endowment grows

Hey everybody,

So lately things have been coming together for this endowment better than I had imagined.

From “Ryan and I started talking about this idea at the 2015 Colorado Pen Show. Fast forward almost 2 years, and we came up with a plan combining my ideas with Ryan’s creativity and amazing craftsmanship. Beyond making a Fountain Pen Day pen, we wanted to create a something that would contribute to a great cause beyond our community.”

From Ryan Krusac Studios: “Fountain Pen Day is the First Friday of every November and was instituted to celebrate the world’s finest writing method and to promote the community of pen enthusiasts around the world.  This project serves to help fund a scholarship endowment established by Shawn Newton, founder and owner of Newton Pens.  Shawn is a fellow artisan pen maker who gives back to the community by awarding annual scholarships to college hopefuls who meet his and his board’s requirements. When you purchase one of these Legend L-14’s or L-16’s, $175 will be added to his endowment fund.”

Rickshaw Bags is also donating sleeves for the pens.

This is a great community collaboration that will sustain itself for years to come.

To learn more about the scholarships and endowment check out the Scholarships page here.

If you want to volunteer to read and score essays from scholarship applicants, please send me an email.


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