Newton Pens Scholarships!! Raffles and Applications.

Hi Everybody!  It’s April 2nd and I forgot to announce the pen winner for March.  We got 75 entries for the month, and number 6 won it!  Congrats to Scott H!  I’ll send you an email and we can work out what you want to do with your $225 credit towards any Newton pen.

So far we’ve raised $5,893 for the year!  Thank you all so much!  We sold 31 notebooks at the Arkansas Show, too.

It’s a new month and we’re taking names and numbers, so if you want to contribute to the scholarship fund and help some high school seniors out with their college expenses, you can purchase notebooks or postcards here- Notebook and Postcard sales.  All of the rules and information for donors is there.

Are you a high school senior who needs a few bucks to help with your expenses?  Please apply for one of our scholarships!  We’ve only received a few applications so far and we’re set to give away at least $6,000 again this year.

Here’s a photo of one of the raffle pens – this is how I say thanks to you all for participating in the scholarship fund raising.  This one is going to be a Prospector. 

If you have any questions about how the scholarships work, how to apply, or how to donate, or anything at all, please ask –


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