Newton Pens Scholarship Update – February

Newton Pens Scholarships raised $534.68 in the month of January, and had 67 entries!  Wow it’s been a busy month.  Thank you all so much for your support.  And a huge thanks to Brad Dowdy at The Pen Addict for mentioning us on his podcast last month.  In total we have raised $4016.60 for the year.  Thanks so much!  Every penny will be given at the end of the school year to deserving high school students going to college.

The winner of the free pen this month goes to #10, Kathi D.!  Congrats to Kathi!

When you enter the drawings by purchasing postcards or sending a note in through the mail, from January to the end of May, you will have a chance to win Thomas Hall’s first Shinobi.

The monthly drawing will still continue as it always has, with somebody winning a custom pen each month, but at the end of May, all of the numbers will be picked through again, with somebody winning the Shinobi.  And as I normally do, it will come with any steel nib and any grind you like.  If you want a gold nib the normal cost of $110 will apply, with a free grind if you want it.

So if you enter the drawings between January and May, you could win the Shinobi.

So that means the February drawing starts now!  If you want to enter to win a free pen, and help support the Newton Pens Scholarships, which help support high school students going to college, all you have to do is buy some postcards, or send a note.  Read the rules here.

And it’s time to start sending in those scholarship applications! If you know any high school students who could benefit from a few extra dollars, please let them know about this scholarship.  I’m about to get in contact with my local schools and let them know to start sending those applications in.

I could use a few more volunteers to help read and score the essays, so if you might be interested, please send me a note –



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