Measuring your pen

I get asked a lot of times to make a pen that’s similar in size to a pen you already have and love.

I don’t know how big most pens are and I don’t have a database, so if you could measure your pen for me, that would help.

It’s easy if you have some cheap calipers-

Measure the diameter of the barrel threads.  This is the most important thing to me if you want your custom pen to be as close to another pen as possible.  I may not match it exactly b/c I have a set range of sizes that I will make, but I can get it close.

If you don’t have calipers some tape works well for finding the circumferance.

Make a mark.

Cut your tape to the edge of the mark.

Measure that.  This is 1 5/8″, which becomes 1.625″ in decimal form.  Divide 1.625 by Pi, 3.14.

That gives us a diameter of .5175 inches, which isn’t exactly right, but pretty close.  The better you mark and cut your tape the closer you’ll get to the actual diameter.  If I took my time I would have gotten 1 9/16″ length of tape, about 1.56″ long, which would give me .4868″ diameter, which is much closer to what it actually is.



For the other dimensions, you can simply measure with a ruler.

For the section I only need to know length of the grip part.



Whole pen, open, from tip of nib to end of barrel:

Email your numbers to me – [email protected]