To order a nib holder, send an email to [email protected].

Single piece dip nib holders start at $55.
Threaded to take a nib unit start at $75.


Dip Pens

LE Male ripple ebonite

Purple Ring acrylic

Light blue/green resin

Blue and Green resins

SEM night blue

White ivory and black striped

Purple/blue resin

Salsa acrylic

Vintage red/gray/black celluloid

Clear purple acrylic

Yellow/orange fleck acrylic

Clear orange acrylic

Light blue acrylic

Green/white swirl alumilite

Clear green acrlyic

Vintage green/black celluloid

Clear gray acrylic

Dark orange/yellow alumilite

Clear coke bottle blue acrylic

Buffalo horn

Orange/blue ripple ebonite

Red/white/blue alumilite

Vintage black/white casein

Clear light green acrylic

Vintage yellow/green casein

Xmas fleck acrylic

Tortoise acrylic

Threaded for a nib unit – Esterbrook, Morriset, or others