Back From Portland

Hi Everybody!  I’m back from the Pacific Northwest Pen Show!  It was awesome and I had a great time.  Glad to be back home in my own (comfortable) bed.

I’m working on a write-up with @allthehobbies and you should see that in a week or two.

I’ve updated my inventory (with the new Matthew Chen nib grinds) and you can see all that here – Inventory.

Also, I did a thing.  Let me know if this is the worst content you’ve ever seen.  I’ve got some ideas that I think will be fun, some pen builds, some work in the shop, stuff like that, and hopefully it’ll bring a little attention to our little pen community (not this video, this is just… I don’t know).  We’ll see.  I may just end up embarrassing myself.  X)

2 thoughts on “Back From Portland”

  1. It was fantastic to see you Shawn! Glad your machine had a simple solution 😉 and that you are home safe. – Carol aka Slumberland Studio (donated pens to you at the show for your hs scholarship fund)

    Hope you have a wonderful summer ahead.

  2. I didn’t get a chance to go to the Pacific NW Pen Show in Portland, but I ordered a pen from you right after the show ended (I was crossing my fingers that my own Townsend Small matte –in Old Bananas resin– would be featured in the video lol). I’m really looking forward to getting my very first Newton Pens fountain pen (and pen wrap by Elizabeth 🙂 soon in the mail! Loved the YouTube behind-the-scenes video–keep on doing them!

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