Thompson-Orville in Omas Arco brown – Hope for Haiti Auction LIVE!!

Hi Everybody!

I guess now is as good as any time to open up this special auction to everybody.

You’ll be bidding on this pen-

Auction Link

It’s made from some of the very hard to find Omas Arco brown celluloid that I bought after Omas shut it’s doors.  The trim is all bronze and the nib is 18k.  You can get any nib point size you like, and if you want a grind I’ll give you one.  The pen will come with a cloth wrap and in my NN tumbler mug.

Bidding ends Dec 19th which means you should have it in time for Christmas!

All profits will go to Hope For Haiti Hurricane Matthew relief.

Please share this so as many people can see it as possible.

If you have any questions just ask –


Moving the site

Hi everybody – I’m doing a little bit of interneting this weekend and getting the site moved around.  I’ll be able to do more with the site where I’m going (auctions for one).

If you can’t get to the site try should work again just fine in a few days.


Holiday Postcard Sale for Scholarships!

From now until the end of 2016 you can buy 2 sets of cards for the price of one.  So 10 cards for $10.  You can buy as many sets as you like and the price stays the same, $1 a card.  Each set still gets you one number in the raffle.

Sale only applies to purchase of 2 sets or more.  1 set still costs $10 if you’re only buying 1 set.

To purchase click this link:

Buy Scholarship Postcards


If you have any questions please ask!


October Pen Winner – Happy Halloween

Hi Everybody!  Sorry I’m a couple days late making the scholarship announcements.

Halloween had me really busy this year.  My kids wanted custom costumes from the movie Aliens.  They can’t watch the movie yet, but the monsters are still cool.

Here we have a facehugger –



And here we have a Xenomorph –




So they were really happy with what they got though it was too hot to wear them for the entire night.  🙂

So back to the scholarships and pen give-away.  This month we had 49 donations!  Thanks so much!  You all helped to raise $818.67 this month!  The scholarship fund is up to $2791.69.  Thank you all so much!

The winner of a $225 credit, picked with, is #1 – Mary G!  Congrats Mary!

Fundraising for November has started.  If you want a chance at a free custom pen all you have to do is buy some postcards, notebooks, make a small donation, or enter for free by sending a note to my PO BOX.  Read all the rules here.

Omas Arco Celluloid Thompson Auction- Hope For Haiti



This will be a Thompson, with two huge sterling bands on the barrel and a big sterling ring and clip on the cap. The pen will be auctioned off to the highest bidder with most of the money going to@hopeforhaitifl to help with relief efforts after #HurricaneMatthew hit Haiti. I’ll post more information later.


Any questions to


Scholarship Fund Raising, Pens, Postcards and Notebooks

Hi Everybody!  It’s time to announce a winner from last month’s drawing – and we had a busy month with 60 entries (that includes multiple entries, too).

We raised $645 with the sale of postcards and notebooks in September.  Thank you all so much!

Using to pick a winner from all 60 entries last month, #44 wins!  Congrats to Hazel L., who wins a $225 credit with free grind and shipping as thanks for participating and supporting the scholarships!  I’ll send you an email soon.

If you haven’t seen yet we are now selling little pocket notebooks to raise money for the scholarships alongside the postcards.

You can look at all of those here-
Pocket Notebooks!
Buy Scholarship Postcards

All the money raised from sales and donations will go to high school kids to help pay for college – whether it’s books, tuition, groceries or gasoline.

If you want to know how it works the rules are here –

Please keep on sending in those donations and buying postcards and notebooks.  Every dollar counts!

As always, if you have any questions please ask –


Pocket Books Are Here!

Hi Everybody,

The pocket notebooks are here!  I have 5 different styles available.  These are the top 5 designs you voted on last month.


The 1st place winner, Robots by Jamison O., is the smallest of the group at almost 3 1/2 x 5 1/5 inches and is filled with Tomoe River paper.  These were made for me by Curnow Bookbinding and Leatherwork.  Thanks Steve!


The other 4 are filled with HP laser paper and are 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches.  These were made for me by a local printer, Bill Hall Printers.  Thanks!

And thanks so much to the artists who submitted the work that was voted on.  Vines by Miriam C., Dragon by Kelly D., Owl by Ged A., and Bottles and Nibs by Attila S.

20160923_160241 20160923_160250 20160923_160303 20160923_160233

To purchase any of these books and help support the Newton Pens Scholarships and high school kids going into college, click here.