Where Is My Order?

Here you can check the status of your order.

I’ll update this page every couple of weeks to show where I am in the queue.

And remember – no payments down, no payments due, until your turn is up.  I don’t want any money up front.  If you have a life change or emergency, you’ll have your money, not me.  And if you need to cancel for any reason, it’s fine, just send me an email and let me know.  If you want to delay your order a few more months, or a year (people have asked) that’s fine as well.  Send me an email when you’re ready to go.  -Thanks!

Today is March 19, 2020

I’m working on orders from January 2018.


If you got on my list then, your order should be coming up over the next few weeks.

If you have any questions you can email me at shawn@newtonpens.com.


Thanks – Shawn