Production Run – Knickerbocker Lite

To purchase send an email to and let me know which one you’d like, along with nib details, and shipping location.  Nib grinds are $30.

If you have a podcast discount code include it in the email.  🙂

XXF, Stub, Smooth Italic, Sharp Italic, Architect, Left or Right Oblique Stubs.  If you want a solid gold nib I outsource nib grinding on those. You’ll need to pay for the grind and shipping to the nib grinder, to be discussed with them.

You can have these with Jowo #6 steel or gold nibs.
Steel points in polished or gold tone: XF, F, M, B, 1.1, 1.5
Gold points: XF, F, M, B, 1.1

#6 gold nibs add $110 to the total.

Some of these are made to take Bock 380 nibs.  I don’t keep these nibs in stock, but will order one for you when a purchase is made.  Shipping from the UK can take a few weeks.

With steel nib…
Price with bronze clip starts at $225
Price with silver clip starts at $250

With bronze clip and bronze section ring, starting at $255
With silver clip and silver section ring, starting at $285

Bock 380 nibs add $150 for titanium, and $230 for solid gold.

Resins and ebonite will add to price by $10-$65 per pen depending on materials.

To learn about sizes read here.

Medium Dimensions – may be some variety between different runs.
mm closed, open, posted.