Piston fillers – Use, Care

Use – twist piston knob on back of pen counter clockwise – lefty loosey – until you feel it stop.  Don’t twist harder at this point.  The piston is all the way down to the back of the section.

Put your nib into your favorite ink, and turn the piston knob clockwise – righty tighty – until it stops again.

If you have a Shinobi or Prospector pen – or any pen with facets or a pattern that you want to line up properly – gently adjust the piston knob until things line up again.


Care – every so often things might feel stiff – maybe after a few years of use – so take the section out and put a tiny dab of silicone grease inside the barrel to lube the piston o ring – put a tiny amount of this grease on the section threads to seal it from leaks – and put the section back in.  Don’t over tighten or it will be hard to take off again later.  Just snug it down.


Cleaning – You can clean by just flushing water in and out using the piston.  If you like to use really nasty hard to clean inks, you might want to take the section off to run water through it, and rinse the barrel out, wiping with a cotton swab if needed.  Be sure to apply silicone grease again before closing it up.  I wouldn’t use bleach ever.  If you need something stronger than water mix up a tablespoon of kitchen ammonia in a cup or two of water and use that.  Then rinse it out with water.


Disassembly – I don’t recommend you take it apart, but if you need to replace the o ring (I’ll send you one later if you need it) then take the section off and unscrew the piston knob until the piston rod falls out of the front of the pen.  DON’T KEEP TWISTING THE PISTON KNOB AT THIS POINT.  To put it back together properly, so there’s no gap between knob and barrel, carefully replace the piston rod in the barrel, wiggling it into place, and THEN close the piston knob – righty tighty.  Then put the section back in, applying grease where needed.