Auction Rules – Click here.

June 2019 – Auction ends Wednesday, 31st of June, midnight US central time.



Bexley Sleeve Filler

Newton Pen

Den’s Pens Handmade ebonite fountain pen


May 2019 auctions – closed.

Newton Townsend – black ebonite and TIBALDI celluloid pieces.


April 2019 auctions – closed.

Rotring Core


Karas Kustoms

Kaweco Sport clear FP

Pilot Prera


Platinum Preppy

Jinhao 159 black

Jinahao 159 green

Pilot Plumix (m point)

Newton Pens – Sumpter, Brooks resin


March 2019 auctions – closed

Newton Majestic – Spalted Orange

Eastman Prototype – Sterling, acrylic, brass

Platinum Plaisir

February 2019 old auctions

Pelikan Twist

Pelikan student pen

Pelikan Pharo –  this is a rare bird



Sheaffer Taranis

Lamy Pico ballpoint

Lamy Pur smooth body

Lamy Pur ribs under cap

Lamy Pur linear grooves

Kaweco Roller

Jan 2019 old Auctions

Auction 1 – Airmail

Auction 2 – Esterbrook J

Auction 4 – Dannitu

Auction 5 – Padrino

Auction 6 – Think

Auction 7 – TWSBI vac

Auction 8 – vintage Scripts

Auction 9 – Lamy Pur Pinstripes

Auction 10 – Rotring Piston

Dec 2018 old auctions

Auction One – Sailor Pro Gear Orange

Auction Two – Sailor Pro Gear Pink

Auction Three – Sailor Pro Gear Green

Auction Four – Platinum 3776 Pink

Auction Five – Platinum 3776 Clear

Auction Six – Pilot Heritage 92 piston filler

Auction Seven – Namisu Horizon Ebonite

Auction Eight – Noodlers Safety Pen

Auction Nine – Marlen piston filler

Auction Ten – Franklin Christoph