Auction Rules

To place a bid leave a comment at the bottom of each auction page.  Do NOT use the reply option to reply to a comment.  Please always post a new comment so that I can keep up with the most recent comments more easily.  Bids that are in the form of a reply to other bids/comments will not be counted.  Winners can pay via PayPal to after we’ve worked out shipping.

***Comments – sometimes it can take a while for comments to show up.  I see them as soon as they’re posted but the website may not show them right away.  I can’t do anything about this – sorry.  It’s something to do with web cache.  In the case of 2 or more bids for the same amount all getting posted at once, first person to make that bid will get it.

The time the auction ends will be listed on the main auction page.  The last comment with the highest bid at the end time will win the item.  No exceptions.  I’ll send out emails the next day to the winning bidders.  Or as soon as I can.  

If you don’t reply within 3 days from my first email, I will go to the next bidder in the line.  NO EXCEPTIONS.

You don’t need to be registered on the website.  You can use a nickname if you want, but the email address must be a valid one.  I won’t make extra effort to figure out misspelled email addresses.

All pens sold as is.  I will not grind nibs or work on these pens unless a pen up for auction is one of my own.

Shipping is extra.

If you have any questions please ask and I’ll help you as best as I can.